The woman in my logo is my great-aunt Opal, who lived 103 years. In the photo, she’s wearing an usherette uniform for the Senator Theatre in Sacramento, California. In her 90s, she was still competitively bowling. She was a classic human.

You have witnessed historical events (locally, nationally, globally), and have participated in events and lived experiences which will never make the history books. They don’t make ’em like you anymore. That makes you a classic human, too.

It’s time to preserve that personal history. You are, after all, a future ancestor, and I can provide you with options. If you have begun gathering your photographs and memorabilia, I can organize it for you. I’ll also scan your photographs and documents. If you aren’t up to writing or recording your memories, I’ll “interview” you about your life experiences, and provide you with the recording, which you can copy and share with your loved ones.

Remember: What you remember, they don’t even know.

Your Personal Historian,
Julie Parker