You are a classic. Truly.

My logo is a photo of my Great-Aunt Opal, who lived to age 103 (she was in a bowling league in her 90s). This was taken in the early 1930s, when she was an usherette for the Senator Theatre in Sacramento, CA.

Each person is a classic human being; one-of-a-kind. Personal experiences have influenced your life choices. Witnessing local, national, and/or world events has influenced your perspective. Regardless of the decades, cultures, and traditions, no one else has experienced life in the exact same way. Preserving personal and family memories provide insight to future generations into their current trajectory. Healing often occurs not only for the one telling the story, but also to those who hear it.

I am not a genealogist. I am a personal historian. I focus on the stories. And you have stories.

My services: Interviewing/recording those stories, scanning photographs/documents, and consultations (scroll down).

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Julie Parker