You Are A Classic

94a0da7f35cff451b484bc0dc6b805d8 Julie Parker 94a0da7f35cff451b484bc0dc6b805d8
Mobile Personal Historian

Everyone is interesting. Everyone has a story. Everyone should be remembered.

After working in the legal arena for several years, suffering serious burn-out mode, I contemplated new career options. Meanwhile, my paternal grandfather died, and I realized that as the next generation left the planet, the stories would leave with them. So, I spent a year interviewing over 45 relatives regarding their memories of my grandfather, his seven siblings and their parents. I scanned every photograph and document,  took photos of treasured mementos, and created a book. I provided a copy to each “clan,” who excitedly showed it to all of their friends, who began calling me asking if I could do the same for their families. Clearly, the universe was giving me a wink-wink, nudge-I nudge into my next career.

I joined the Association of Personal Historians and attended a couple of conferences. I met archivists, historians focused on academia and institutions, and clinical researching delving into the concept of health benefits with remembrances and the aged. I realized that I most enjoy preserving stories for families. You Are A Classic was born.

I have created books and audio, and have been consulted for families in the midst of gathering memories, photographs and memorabilia. As a former reporter for The Mendocino Beacon and Fort Bragg Advocate-News, I had the pleasure of writing articles highlighting local individuals, organizations and programs.

Now, I am focused on California’s North Coast, birthplace of both my parents, to help preserve the region’s history and heritage.

Weaving the past with the present helps us all move forward on a healthy, balanced path.

 Julie Parker
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