94a0da7f35cff451b484bc0dc6b805d8 Consultation 94a0da7f35cff451b484bc0dc6b805d8

  • How to best organize your family photographs and documents
  • Provide resources to expand your family history project
  • Ways to share cherished family heirlooms
  • Family reunion ideas

Flat fee:  $75

94a0da7f35cff451b484bc0dc6b805d8 Legacy Letters 94a0da7f35cff451b484bc0dc6b805d8

When planning your will and other estate documents, consider including legacy letters. “Legacy letters” are written to loved ones to be opened after your death. Unlike legal documents, these are of a personal nature. They provide an opportunity to articulate what you may not be able tell the person face-to-face – treasured memories of them, your hopes for them, asking for forgiveness, offering forgiveness, or sharing lessons you have learned during your lifetime. A true legacy from the heart.

” ,,, baby boomers say personal keepsakes, family stories and last wishes are a far more important bequest than money.”

Andrea Coombes, The Wall Street Journal

Flat fee:  $50

94a0da7f35cff451b484bc0dc6b805d8 Obituaries  94a0da7f35cff451b484bc0dc6b805d8

Although written after a death, obituaries are about life. When you’d like a obituary to share more than “survived by …”

Flat fee: $75

94a0da7f35cff451b484bc0dc6b805d8 Interview and DVD 94a0da7f35cff451b484bc0dc6b805d8

  • Sit down interview about family historical background and personal life experiences
  • Photographs and documents scanned
  • Recording is burned onto a CD/DVD, with a booklet of scanned images

$50 initial consultation fee
$25 per hour thereafter
Cost of CD/DVD and booklet (depends on quantity)


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