Through your words and images, future generations will learn.

Truly a gift that keeps on giving.


Audio only: 6 hrs recorded interviews; sound edit; final audio file

Booklet:  6 hrs recorded interviews; transcription of recordings; insertion of scanned photographs; document provided in both Word and pdf formats

Consultation:  2 hrs consulting about your ongoing family history project, organizing items, helpful resources; in-person or via Skype or Google Hangout


One life does not fit all.

 94a0da7f35cff451b484bc0dc6b805d8 TIGHT BUDGETS 94a0da7f35cff451b484bc0dc6b805d8

 Phone, Skype, or Google Hangout

One Hour – $75 


Birthday/Anniversary/Retirement ideas
Business Marketing Ideas



94a0da7f35cff451b484bc0dc6b805d8 EXTENDED PROJECTS 94a0da7f35cff451b484bc0dc6b805d8

Proofreading/Editing – $2 per page


$45 per hour
From audio only or full Word document

Multiple interviews
Scan photos/documents