94a0da7f35cff451b484bc0dc6b805d8 Personal Histories: Audio DVD 94a0da7f35cff451b484bc0dc6b805d8

  • An audio recorded interview about one’s life experiences, followed by audio editing (deleting coughs, throat clearings, interruptions, etc.)
  • Scan photographs and documents
  • Final product: a DVD, accompanied by a booklet of scanned images

Flat Fee:  $625

94a0da7f35cff451b484bc0dc6b805d8 Obituaries 94a0da7f35cff451b484bc0dc6b805d8

Celebrating a life through a storyteller.

Flat fee:  $150

94a0da7f35cff451b484bc0dc6b805d8 Eulogies  94a0da7f35cff451b484bc0dc6b805d8

Articulating what may be difficult in a time of grief.

Flat fee: $150


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