Your Life Story

Trying to write a lifetime of memories? Does it feel overwhelming and exhausting?

Instead, sit back with your favorite beverage, and answer questions from a professional storyteller who can truly capture your life’s journey for your family and descendants.

From a simple audio-only format (which you can have transcribed) or a full biographical book (with interviews of immediate family members and scanned photographs and other images), there are options for all budgets.

Let’s get started!

1950s DJ

Trial attorney recalls his days as a DJ in the early 1950s.



Biography of Your Business

You will stand out from others in your industry with a biography of you and your business. People have a tendency to hire someone they know or with whom they feel a connection.

After an approximate one hour interview, I will write a biography, integrating your personal story with that of the business; tying the two together. You can then use that biography in your marketing strategies.

Newspaper Articles and Obituaries

Looking for a unique birthday and anniversary milestone gift?  I can write a newspaper article reflecting a life journey.  It is a loving gift to the honorees who know they will be remembered, and a treasured legacy gift for family and friends.  Plus, the community will be introduced to the people you love.

When someone special passes on, a unique memorial tribute is that of an indepth obituary – 1/4 to 1/2 page in length.  I will interview immediate family members about the individual, and write a loving obituary which can serve as a lasting family heritage momento.

Promote Your Business

Julie Parker’s interviewing and storytelling techniques create five-star biographies. Julie also hosts a weekly podcast – Conversation Accessories – which includes “slices of life” interviews.


If writing is not one of your strong suits, I can help.  I have authored several articles for Messenger Publishing Group’s local newspapers, and iPinion Syndicate. I also assist authors with book manuscripts, and individual’s memoirs.

My copywriting and editing services extend to business websites.


Organize photographs, documents, and memorabilia. Discuss storage options, and resources to expand and develop a family or community project. This can be accomplished either in-person or via Skype.